Subject: Cognitive science and neuroscience

Cognitive science and neuroscience

“I don't believe there has ever been a time when so many smart people from so many academic disciplines were committed to solving the puzzle of consciousness. Whether consciousness exists only in humans or is more widely dispersed throughout nature, or can be recreated in computational systems, is probably one of the greatest mysteries of our time. It's going to take many researchers throughout the cognitive sciences—especially neuroscience, computer science, and psychology—to figure it out.”
Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Bioethics

Smart Management

Jochen Reb, Shenghua Luan, Gerd Gigerenzer

The Creative Brain

Anna Abraham


Nicholas Humphrey

Bots and Beasts

Paul Thagard

The Biology of Kindness

Immaculata De Vivo, Daniel Lumera, Fabio De Vivo


Elspeth Kirkman

The Blind Spot

Adam Frank, Marcelo Gleiser, Evan Thompson

The Brain Abstracted

M. Chirimuuta

From Geometry to Behavior

Hanspeter A. Mallot

Altered States of Consciousness

Marc Wittmann, Philippa Hurd

The Brain in Motion

Sten Grillner

Seeing the Mind

Stanislas Dehaene

Responsible Brains

William Hirstein, Katrina L. Sifferd, Tyler K. Fagan

Perception beyond Inference

Liliana Albertazzi, Gert J. van Tonder, Dhanraj Vishwanath, Liliana Albertazzi, Gert J. van Tonder, Dhanraj Vishwanath

Pathways to Peace

James F. Leckman, Catherine Panter-Brick, Rima Salah

Embodiment, Enaction, and Culture

Christoph Durt, Thomas Fuchs, Christian Tewes

What Makes Us Social?

Chris Frith, Uta Frith

Curious Minds

Perry Zurn, Dani S. Bassett

Dendritic Spines

Rafael Yuste

Sculptor and Destroyer

Mark P. Mattson

Minding the Weather

Robert R. Hoffman, Daphne S. LaDue, H. Michael Mogil, Paul J. Roebber, J. Gregory Trafton

Open Minded

Ben R. Newell, David R. Shanks

Gradient Expectations

Keith L. Downing

Out of Touch

Michelle Drouin

Just in Time

G. Gabrielle Starr

Mind in Nature

Mark L. Johnson, Jay Schulkin


Fergus Craik, Larry Jacoby