Subject: Literature, linguistics, and language studies

Literature, linguistics, and language studies

“We have an incredibly strong legacy at the MIT Press publishing the work of Noam Chomsky, and his is not the only research paradigm in place. There is a lot of interesting work in the Universal Grammar/Minimalist Program tradition, as well as psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, computational linguistics, and linguistic anthropology. This is what makes MIT Press books special—we are not beholden to a singular perspective.”
Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Bioethics

The Chinese Computer

Thomas S. Mullaney


Michael Marder, Giovanbattista Tusa

Language vs. Reality

N. J. Enfield

R.U.R. and the Vision of Artificial Life

Karel Čapek, Jitka Čejková

Categories We Live By

Gregory L. Murphy

Politically Red

Eduardo Cadava, Sara Nadal-Melsió


Greg Bird, Giovanbattista Tusa

Selected Nonfiction, 1962–2007

J. G. Ballard, Mark Blacklock, Tom McCarthy

Meaningful Games

Robin Clark

Imaginary Languages

Marina Yaguello, Erik Butler

Biological Foundations and Origin of Syntax

Derek Bickerton, Eörs Szathmáry

Memory, Edited

Abby Smith Rumsey

Dictionary of Gestures

François Caradec, Chris Clarke

Winds of Doctrine

George Santayana, David E Spiech, Martin A. Coleman, Faedra Lazar Weiss, Paul Forster

A Gallery of Recuperation

Jaime Semprun, Eric-John Russell

A History of the Social Sciences in 101 Books

Cyril Lemieux, Laurent Berger, Marielle Macé, Gildas Salmon, Cécile Vidal, Adrian Morfee

The Body Fantastic

Frank Gonzalez-Crussi, John Banville