Subject: Science, engineering, and mathematics

Science, engineering, and mathematics

“We publish titles on the most important emerging topics in engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences such as materials manufacturing in engineering and quantum field theory in mathematics. As new technologies change the pace of scientific discovery, The MIT Press helps readers stay abreast of leading-edge discoveries that reveal the secrets of the cosmos—new stars, planets, and galaxies. Readers will find challenging, informative books on undercovered topics; highly illustrated and accessible books perfect for the coffee table or a classroom; and biographies of under-celebrated figures, especially women and BIPOC scientists.”
Jermey Matthews, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Dark Star

Matthew H. Hersch

No Heavenly Bodies

Christine E. Evans, Lars Lundgren

Dare to Invent the Future

Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga

The Math You Need

Thomas Mack

Her Space, Her Time

Shohini Ghose

Our Ancient Lakes

Jeffrey McKinnon

Inside the Star Factory

Chris Gunn, Christopher Wanjek

Evolutionary Intelligence

W. Russell Neuman

Sexus Botanicus

Joanne Anton, Erik Butler

Meaningful Games

Robin Clark


Carles Lalueza-Fox

Quantum Strangeness

George S. Greenstein, David Kaiser

Star Power

Alain Bécoulet, Erik Butler, Dennis G. Whyte

Properties of Life

Bernd Rosslenbroich

Sharing Our Science

Brandon R. Brown, Julia Schaletzky

Writing for Their Lives

Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette

Evolution "On Purpose"

Peter A. Corning, Stuart A. Kauffman, Denis Noble, James A. Shapiro, Richard I. Vane-Wright, Addy Pross


Imari Walker-Franklin, Jenna Jambeck

Minding the Weather

Robert R. Hoffman, Daphne S. LaDue, H. Michael Mogil, Paul J. Roebber, J. Gregory Trafton

Fascination of Science

Herlinde Koelbl

Causal Inference

Paul R. Rosenbaum

Carbon Queen

Maia Weinstock


Erika Nesvold

Ghost Particle

Alan Chodos, James Riordon, Don Lincoln

The Price of Cake

Clément Deslandes, Guillaume Deslandes, Lorenzo Croissant, Cédric Villani

The Phantom Scientist

Robin Cousin, Edward Gauvin