Upcoming conferences where you can expect to see an exhibits booth from The MIT press:

February 2019

CAA: College Arts Association

14-16, New York, NY


AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science

14-17, Washington, DC


SIGCSE: Computer Science Education

27-2, Minneapolis, MN


EPA: Eastern Psychological Association

28-2, New York, NY


March 2019

ER&L: Electronic Resources & Libraries

3-8, Austin, TX


APS: American Physical Society March Meeting

4-8, Boston, MA


SCMS: Society for Cinema and Media Studies

13-17, Seattle, WA


SRCD: Society for Research and Child Development

21-23, Baltimore, MD


CNS: Cognitive Neuroscience Society

23-26, San Francisco, CA


ARLIS/NA: Art Libraries of North America

26-30, Salt Lake City, UT


ISA: International Studies Association

27-30, Toronto, ON


SS: Scientista Symposium 

29-31, Boston, MA


April 2019

AAG: Association of American Geographers

3-7, Washington, DC


AAH: Association of Art History

4-6, Sussex, UK


AERA: American Educational Research Association

5-7, Toronto, ON



8-10, Telford, UK


ACRL: Association of College & Research Libraries

10-12, Cleveland, OH


ASEH: American Society for Environmental History,

10-13, Columbus, OH


LAABF: Los Angeles Art Book Fair

11-14, Los Angeles, CA


APS: American Physical Society April Meeting

13-16, Denver, CO


BNA: British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience

14-16, Dublin, IR


PSA: Political Studies Association

15-17, Nottingham, UK


RES: Royal Economic Society Annual Conference

15-17, Warwick, UK


SAH: Society of Architectural Historians

24-28, Providence, RI


May 2019

Miss Read: Berlin Art Book Fair

3-5, Berlin, Germany



6-9, Glasgow, Scotland


ICRA: International Conference on Robotics and Automation

20-24, Montreal, QC


ICA: International Communication Association

24-28, Washington, DC


June 2019

ALA: American Library Association

20-25, Washington, DC


SSE: Society for the History of Evolution

21-25, Providence, RI