Charles Harrison, Jr.

  • Antennas and Waves

    A Modern Approach

    Ronold W. P. King and Charles Harrison, Jr.

    The material in this book updates the authors' two previous texts, Theory of Linear Antennas (1956) and Transmission Line Theory (1955). It comprises a completely new text that considerably simplifies the old approach and, in covering work in the field published over the past fifteen years, represents an up-to-date source of information. New material on ionized and dissipative media is included which is of particular interest because of recent developments in the satellite and military programs, while the chapters on pulse or transient response will interest those persons involved in the area of wideband systems.

    The authors have published extensively in their field, covering such topics as electromagnetic radiation and antennas, electromagnetic theory, transmission lines, wave guides, and electric circuits.

    The book takes up in turn the following topics: elements of electromagnetic radiation; electromagnetic waves in ionized media and plasmas; the cylindrical antenna: current and impedance; electromagnetic fields of isolated dipoles in air and in dissipative media; coupled antennas; transmission-line antennas, insulated antennas, T and inverted-L antennas; folded dipoles and related antennas; receiving and scattering antennas and arrays; the loop antenna: currents, impedances, fields; the receiving loop antenna; the transient response of dipole and loop antennas; electromagnetic shields; complementarity and slot antennas; and antennas in a semi-infinite dissipative medium.

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