Frank J. Thompson

Frank Thompson is a Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Admin at Rutgers University.

  • Health Policy and the Bureaucracy

    Health Policy and the Bureaucracy

    Politics and Implementation

    Frank J. Thompson

    Thompson has managed to bring a fresh, global perspective that is sure to give specialists a new vision of old problems and novices a thoroughly understandable, readable, and sophisticated introduction to the field....

    ContentsHealth as a Political Problem • Health Care Institutions: From Expansion to the Quest for Economy and Efficiency • Man-power Policy and Shortage Areas: The National Health Service Corps Evolves • Medicaid: A Commercial Market Strategy for the Poor • Medicare: The Perils of Payment with a Commercial Market Strategy • When Government Delivers Care: The Evolution of the VA Medical Programs • Preventive Health Policies: The Struggles of OSHA • Policy and Its Implementation: Clues from the Health Arena • Notes • Index

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