Henry H. Stroke

  • Quantum Radio Frequency Physics

    L. D. Stepin and Henry H. Stroke

    A graduate text and reference for electronic engineers and physicists whose work touches upon quantum radio physics. The book presents the physical foundations of the subject and concerns itself with quantum effects occurring on interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter and accompanied either by absorption of energy (microwave spectroscopy) or by emission and amplification of electromagnetic waves (quantum generators and amplifiers). Much attention is devoted to the experimental observation of these effects.

    While the presentation is primarily descriptive, no analytical essentials are omitted. The reader is expected to be familiar with quantum mechanics, electronics, and superhigh-frequency physics at an introductory level.

    The book will be of value to students interested in a survey of the methods and techniques of radiophysics, and to a wide audience of electronic engineers, radio engineers, solid state physicists, structural chemists, and those involved in communications work. Not overly technical.

    • Hardcover $20.00