Jack S. Cohen

  • A Century of DNA

    A Century of DNA

    A History of the Discovery of the Structure and Function of the Genetic Substance

    Franklin H. Portugal and Jack S. Cohen

    The story of DNA from the time of its discovery in 1869 up to the solution of the genetic code in the 1960s.

    Why did it take more than a century of research before scientists properly understood what DNA was and what it did within the cell? A Century of DNA aims to answer this question, tracing the history of DNA research across interrelated subjects, including embryology, biophysics, organic chemistry, histology, physiological chemistry, and genetics. The chapters follow a chronological sequence in the development of ideas on DNA, and incorporate biographical material on researchers involved in these discoveries. Comprehensible to the general scientific reader and to the specialist, this book is a unique look at the foundations of molecular biology.

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