L. T. C. Rolt

  • A Short History of Machine Tools

    L. T. C. Rolt

    The story of machine tools began when man constructed the first crude lathe-boring machine and has continued into the twentieth century with the evolution of ceramic tools, metal-forming machines, and electronic-tape-controlled machines.

    This sound, well-balanced history of machine tool development and machine tool makers provides a coherent perspective of the developments in workshop techniques which have made possible innumerable advances in all fields of technology. Copiously illustrated with line drawings and photographs, the book is designed to broaden interest in and increase the knowledge of the history of technology in order to break down the barriers to communication raised by technological specialization.

    All those interested in the history of technology, whether or not they are directly involved in a specialized field will find this a fascinating volume on the origins and development of a vital industry.

    • Hardcover $12.50