Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson teaches at MIT.

  • The Future of the Automobile

    The Future of the Automobile

    The Report of MIT's International Automobile Program

    Alan Altshuler, Martin Anderson, Daniel Jones, Daniel Roos, and James P. Womack

    A new shape for the world auto industry emerges from this far-ranging study, which reveals a path of development quite different from those widely forecast and leaves no doubt that the changes ahead will be dramatic.Cited by Business Week as one of 1984's ten best books on business and economics, The Future of the Automobile is the most comprehensive assessment ever conducted of the world's largest industry. It is a collaborative study by leading researchers and industry experts in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States that covers the industry at the firm level and at the global level. It projects the composition of the industry 20 years hence, estimates long-term demand for the product, focuses on the growing cooperation between producers on individual models even as overall competition in the industry intensifies, and reveals alternative paths for industrial relations.

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