Michael Buckner

  • Medical Ethics

    Medical Ethics

    A Clinical Textbook and Reference for Health Care Professionals

    Natalie Abrams and Michael Buckner

    In Medical Ethics, the editors have developed a completely different type of book, focusing upon issues not ordinarily dealt with in texts on bioethics. Medical Ethics provides primary material, actual cases dealing with real-life situations that capture the realities of health care and the moral dilemmas and choices that are forced upon the conscientious in health careers. Selections in the book describe medical situations and the choices to be faced in patient care, presenting particular positions or decisions, and debate over the rationale and justification for various options. Simply presented and easy to read, the material in Medical Ethics is divided into sections dealing with Conceptual Foundations, Clinical Ideals and Behavior, and Issues in Clinical Ethics. Appendices cover medical cases and professional codes, statutes and legal cases.

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