P. P. Budnikov

  • The Technology of Ceramics and Refractories

    The Technology of Ceramics and Refractories

    P. P. Budnikov

    This work describes current engineering practices and techniques in the fields of ceramics in the Soviet Union. Appearing for the first time in English, the book will be extremely useful as a text for ceramic education and as a reference guide for anyone in the field. Techniques are treated in detail not heretofore available.

    Contents Preface • Part I, Building Ceramics: Classification of Products • Wall, Roof, and Facing Materials • Ceramzite (light, porous ceramic) • Stove Tiles and Majolica Parts • Stoneware • Part II, Refractory Materials: Classification of Refractories • Properties of Refractories • Chamotte Products • Products with a High Alumina Content • Dinas • Magnesite Refractories • Forsterite Refractories • Chromite Refractorries and Their mixture with Magnesites • Refractories Containing Zirconia • Dolomite Refractories • Refractories Containing Carbon • Highly Refractory Materials and Pure Oxide Products • Refractory Mortars, Cements, and Concrete, Light weight (heat-insulating) Refractories • Part III, Fine Ceramics: Raw Materials •Preparation of Ceramic Paster • Molding and Shaping • Kiln Drying and Firing • Glazing • Glazes • Ceramic Colors • Sorting, Finishing and Decorating • Porcelain • Household and Art China • Porcelain Used in Electrical Engineering • Electric Insulators and Other Parts Made of Special Pastes • Fine Stoneware • Faience and Semiporcelain • Faience and Semiporcelain for Sanitation and Building • Glazed Faience Tiles • Bibliography

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