Robert J. Hansen

  • Seismic Design for Nuclear Power Plants

    Robert J. Hansen

    The development of protective measures to guard against the spread of radioactive debris following reactor disasters has been given extensive and careful engineering attention over the past several years. Much of this attention has been devoted to eliminating or minimizing the effects of malfunctions of internal components. But reactors can also suffer externally caused disasters – for example, their radioactive cores can be damaged by earthquakes or by missiles generated by tornadoes. Earthquakes in particular will continue to render man vulnerable even to the “peaceful atom” as the number of nuclear power plants increases and as they come to be located in those parts of the world that have a history of seismic activity.

    It was to consider such problems that the seminar reported here was held. The conferees, who are leaders in this special and important field, gathered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in spring 1969 to present the papers whose titles are listed below. Together they cover both the theoretical underpinnings of the subject and specific applications to nuclear reactors; they provide both useful summaries of what is known to date and some new thinking on the subject, not before published.

    ContributorsPreface, T.J. Thompson • Foreword, R. J. Hansen • Introduction, R. V. Whitman • Geological and Seismological Factors Influencing the Assessment of a Seismic Threat to Nuclear Reactors, Daniel Linehan, S.J. • Geophysics, Keiiti Aki • Design Seismic Inputs, C. Allin Cornell • Some Observations on Probalistic Methods in the Seismic Design of Nuclear Power Plants, C. Allin Cornell • Seismic Risk and Seismic Design Decisions, Luis Esteva • Fundamentals of Soil Amplification, J. M. Roesset • Soil Structure Interaction, R. V. Whitman • Evaluation of Soil Properties for Site Evaluation and Dynamic Analysis of Nuclear Plants: R, V, Whitman • Structural Response to Seismic Input, J. M. Biggs • Seismic Analysis of Equipment Mounted on a Massive Structure, J. M. Briggs and J. M. Roesset • Modal Response of Containment Structures, Peter Jan Pahl • Provision of Required Seismic Resistance, M. J. Holley, Jr. • A Measure of Earthquake Intensity, Arturo Arias • Closure, R. J. Hansen

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