American Politics and Public Policy

This series is no longer active. The MIT Press is not accepting proposals for books in this series.

Health Policy and the Bureaucracy

Frank J. Thompson

Mar 10, 1983

Prohibitive Policy

Steven L. Yaffee

May 06, 1982

Decision to Prosecute

Suzanne Weaver

Aug 11, 1980

American Politics and Public Policy

Walter Dean Burnham, Martha W. Weinberg

Jul 25, 1980

The State and Human Services

Laurence E., Lynn Jr.

Apr 18, 1980

Reforming Special Education

Richard A. Weatherley

Jun 27, 1979

The Ungovernable City

Douglas T., Yates Jr.

Sep 15, 1978

The Implementation Game

Eugene Bardach

Jul 15, 1978