Goldsmiths Press / Planetarities

The Planetarities Series investigates the rise of research and practice that attends to earthly and planetary concerns, which are unfolding at a time of multiple environmental crises. Drawing on, extending, and reworking Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s notion of “planetarity,” the series takes up the distinct types of “planet-thought” and “planet-feeling” that emerge at this moment of planetary distress. The series engages with the multiple planetarities that materialize by undoing the abstractions of globalism, by expanding beyond the consolidations of the universal human, and by working toward new connections and collectives that are differentially tied to the planet. This transdisciplinary series seeks to advance theoretical, experimental and practice-based work in the area of Planetarities as a diverse and wide- ranging set of investigations that share a sense of urgency in relation to planetary troubles.

Series editor: Jennifer Gabrys, Ros Gray, and Shela Sheikh