Regulation of Economic Activity

The purpose of the Regulation of Economic Activity series is to inform the ongoing debate on regulatory policy by making significant and relevant research available to both scholars and decision makers. Books in this series present new insights into individual agencies, programs, and regulated sectors, as well as the important economic, political, and administrative aspects of the regulatory process that cut across these boundaries.

Series editor: Richard Schmalensee and Nancy Rose

Public Regulation

Elizabeth E. Bailey

Mar 17, 2003

Cost Proxy Models and Telecommunications Policy

Farid Gasmi, D. Mark Kennet, Jean-Jacques Laffont, William W. Sharkey

Sep 13, 2002

Calculating Risks?

James T. Hamilton, W. Kip Viscusi

Aug 18, 1999

Regulatory Reform

Mark Armstrong, Simon Cowan, John Stuart Vickers, Richard Schmalensee

Oct 20, 1994

Informational Approaches to Regulation

Wesley A. Magat, W. Kip Viscusi

Feb 21, 1992


John Stuart Vickers, George Yarrow, Richard Schmalensee

May 15, 1988

The Dilemma of Toxic Substance Regulation

John Mendeloff, Richard Schmalensee

Jan 07, 1988

Private Antitrust Litigation

Richard Schmalensee

Dec 28, 1987

Deregulation and the Future of Intercity Passenger Travel

John R. Meyer, Clinton V., Oster Jr.

Jul 29, 1987

Perspectives on Safe and Sound Banking

George G. Kaufman, George J. Benston, Robert A. Eisenbeis, Paul M. Horvitz, Edward J. Kane

Apr 30, 1986

The Gathering Crisis in Federal Deposit Insurance

Edward J. Kane, Richard Schmalensee

Aug 09, 1985

Deregulating the Airlines

Elizabeth E. Bailey, David R. Graham, Daniel P. Kaplan

Feb 08, 1985

Folded, Spindled, and Mutilated

Franklin M. Fisher, Joen E. Greenwood, John J. McGowan, Carl Keysen, Richard Schmalensee

Jan 30, 1985

Deregulation and the New Airline Entrepreneurs

John R. Meyer, Clinton V., Oster Jr., Marni Clippinger, Andrew McKey, Don H. Pickrell, John Strong, C. Kurt Zorn

Sep 24, 1984

Targeting Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection

Albert Nichols, Richard Schmalensee

Apr 10, 1984

U.S. Oil Pipeline Markets

John A. Hansen

Apr 19, 1983

Studies In Public Regulation

Gary Fromm

Mar 29, 1983

Incentives for Environmental Protection

Thomas C. Schelling

Feb 17, 1983

The SEC and the Public Interest

Susan M. Phillips, J. Richard Zecher

May 13, 1981

Freight Transport Regulation

Ann F. Friedlaender, Richard H. Spady

Jan 26, 1981