Semiotext(e) Journal

Before becoming a book publisher, Semiotext(e) was a journal publisher. This series includes both facsimile reproductions and expanded editions of some of the most iconic of their earlier journal issues.


Sylvère Lotringer, David Morris

Jan 17, 2014

The German Issue

Sylvère Lotringer, Sylvère Lotringer

Oct 02, 2009


Sylvère Lotringer, Christian Marazzi, Sylvère Lotringer

Nov 21, 2007

Hatred of Capitalism

Chris Kraus, Sylvère Lotringer

Jan 18, 2002


Rainer Ganahl

Jan 01, 1997

More & Less 2

Sylvère Lotringer

Jan 01, 1993


François Peraldi

Jan 01, 1981