Social Neuroscience

An attempt by The MIT Press to expand beyond its offerings in cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience. This series published work at the intersection of social psychology and neuroscience and emphasized the study of emotion rather than cognition. Although the series is no longer active, The MIT Press continues to publish work in this field.

Series editor: John T. Cacioppo and Gary G. Bernston


Jean Decety

Jan 10, 2014

Social Neuroscience

John T. Cacioppo, Penny S. Visser, Cynthia L. Pickett

Jan 13, 2012

The Social Neuroscience of Empathy

Jean Decety, William Ickes

Jan 21, 2011

Perspectives on Imitation

Susan Hurley, Nick Chater

Feb 18, 2005

Essays in Social Neuroscience

John T. Cacioppo, Gary G. Berntson

Jul 16, 2004

Foundations in Social Neuroscience

John T. Cacioppo, Gary G. Berntson, Ralph Adolphs, C. Sue Carter, Richard J. Davidson, Martha McClintock, Bruce S. McEwen, Michael Meaney, Daniel L. Schacter, Esther M. Sternberg, Steve Suomi, Shelley E. Taylor

Sep 27, 2002