Special Issues of Artificial Intelligence

The titles in this series are paperback, readily accessible editions of the Special Volumes of Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal, edited by Daniel G. Bobrow. This series is no longer active, and the MIT Press is no longer accepting proposals for books in the series.

Natural Language Processing

Fernando C. N. Pereira, Barbara J. Grosz

Apr 07, 1994

Artificial Intelligence in Perspective

Daniel G. Bobrow

Feb 04, 1994

Constraint-Based Reasoning

Eugene C. Freuder, Alan K. Mackworth

Feb 04, 1994

Toward Learning Robots

Walter Van de Velde

Sep 02, 1993

Connectionist Symbol Processing

Geoffrey Hinton

Oct 17, 1991

Artificial Intelligence and Learning Environments

William J. Clancey, Elliot Soloway

Sep 27, 1990

Machine Learning

Jaime Carbonell

Feb 23, 1990

Geometric Reasoning

Deepak Kapur, Joseph L. Mundy

Jun 14, 1989