Sternberg Press / Jahresring

The Jahresring is an annual publication series—a “meeting point for creative and critical forces,” as its inaugural issue stated in 1954—one of the longest running in Germany for contemporary art and literature. In 1989, Brigitte Oetker became the series editor and revamped the conceptual orientation of the content. Each year, alternating guest editors—curators, artists, scientists—are invited to reflect on current trends and issues in art and society.

Series editor: Brigitte Oetker

What Do We Know? What Do We Have? What Do We Miss? What Do We Love?

Brigitte Oetker, Nicolaus Schafhausen

Jun 18, 2019

What Is Different?

Wolfgang Tillmans, Brigitte Oetker

Apr 13, 2018

Attention Economy

Brigitte Oetker, Nicolaus Schafhausen

Sep 02, 2016


Ute Meta Bauer, Brigitte Oetker

Apr 01, 2016


Dominic Eichler, Brigitte Oetker

Apr 04, 2014