Sternberg Press / Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

This series stems from the research-driven program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Each comprehensive volume is edited by members of the university and comprises essays and artworks in an area of research related to art theory, cultural studies, or art history. The discussions in each volume represent those currently taking place in the university and elsewhere in academia and contemporary art. International conferences and research projects organized at the academy serve as the point of departure for the individual volumes.

Radicalizing Care

Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, Lena Fritsch, Birgit Bosold, Vera Hofmann

May 03, 2022


Christina Jauernik, Wolfgang Tschapeller

Dec 28, 2021


Ruth Anderwald, Karoline Feyertag, Leonhard Grond

Mar 24, 2020

Stop and Go

Michael Hieslmair, Michael Zinganel

Dec 03, 2019

Fashion and Postcolonial Critique

Elke Gaugele, Monica Titton

Mar 26, 2019

Border Thinking

Marina Gržinić

Apr 13, 2018

Rethinking Density

Anamarija Batista, Szilvia Kovács, Carina Lesky

Sep 08, 2017

Putting Rehearsals to the Test

Sabeth Buchmann, Ilse Lafer, Constanze Ruhm

Sep 02, 2016

Spaces of Commoning

Anette Baldauf, Stefan Gruber, Moira Hille, Annette Krauss, Vladimir Miller, Mara Verlič, Hong-Kai Wang, Julia Wieger

Sep 02, 2016

Not Now! Now!

Renate Lorenz

Apr 03, 2015

Transcultural Modernisms

Model House Research Group

Sep 06, 2013