Urban and Industrial Environments

During the past several decades, environmental discourse has significantly broadened to include perspectives that connect our understanding of human and natural environments. Environmental questions are increasingly seen as embedded in issues of technology, landscape, and social organization. The Urban and Industrial Environments series addresses the environment in the context of daily life experiences and the evolving structures of industrial activity and urban form, drawing from a wide range of disciplines such as industrial ecology, urban studies, industrial geography urban environmental history, regional planning, and occupational and environmental health services. The series offers views of the complex and contested arena of environmental policymaking, the role of social movements and interest groups in the formation of policy and changes in institutions, and the evolution of industry sectors.

Series editor: Robert Gottlieb

Sewer of Progress

Cindy McCulligh

Jul 25, 2023

Remaking the American Dream

Vinit Mukhija

Dec 20, 2022


Sheila R. Foster, Christian Iaione

Dec 13, 2022

Just Urban Design

Kian Goh, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Vinit Mukhija, Lawrence J. Vale

Nov 22, 2022

Just Housing

Casey J. Dawkins

Aug 31, 2021

Form and Flow

Kian Goh

Aug 17, 2021

In the Images of Development

Tridib Banerjee

Jun 08, 2021

Resigned Activism

Anna Lora-Wainwright

May 25, 2021

Cycling for Sustainable Cities

Ralph Buehler, John Pucher

Feb 02, 2021

Owning the Street

Amelia Thorpe, Davina Cooper

Dec 15, 2020