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Colin Klein wins David Harold Tribe Philosophy Prize

The University of Sydney School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry announced the winners of the David Harold Tribe Philosophy Prize on March 3rd. We are pleased to announce that Colin Klein, author of What the Body Commands, was one of the joint winners. There will be an official awards ceremony in May, and Colin will split the $12,000 prize money with the other winner.

The aim of the David Harold Tribe Philosophy Award is to promote interest in philosophy and to help the recipient further their education, enabling them to develop their insights and to advance the general public’s understanding of philosophy.

The judges had high praise for Klein’s book: “Colin Klein’s What the Body Commands: The Imperative Theory of Pain deals with the nature of pain, a common and significant phenomenon, but one that poses particularly intractable problems regarding its nature. Klein offers a commendably independent and scientifically informed philosophical theory of the experience of pain, something relatively novel: understandably, given the complexity of the phenomenon.”

Congratulations Colin!