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Negotiation Journal celebrates 40th anniversary, new publisher, and diamond open access in 2024

Negotiation Journal—a multidisciplinary publication focused on negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution—joins the MIT Press

The MIT Press is proud to announce it is the new publisher of Negotiation Journal, and that the journal will become a diamond open access publication in 2024. Founded in 1984 and copublished with the Program on Negotiation (PON), which is a consortium of Harvard, MIT, and Tufts housed at Harvard Law School, Negotiation Journal is an international, multidisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of works that advance the theory, analysis, practice, and instruction of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. 

Negotiation Journal will continue to offer a wide range of scholarship, including:

  • cutting-edge research on the economic, legal, psychological, pedagogical, sociological, institutional, and theoretical aspects of dispute resolution,
  • a wide range of multidisciplinary case studies that address contemporary issues, and take a thoughtful and creative approach to the critical issues of our time,
  • teachers’ reports about what does and doesn’t work in the negotiations classroom,
  • special issues and sections that result from conferences and workshops sponsored by PON,
  • state-of -the-art essays on leading practices, and
  • book reviews.

James K. Sebenius, editor of Negotiation Journal, celebrated the move, saying “The Negotiation Journal is delighted to partner with MIT Press as we transition to open access publishing and the journal becomes available worldwide to readers and authors free of charge. As an interdisciplinary journal based at Harvard Law School, we aim to provide those who study and teach negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution with invaluable intellectual capital. Drawing on authors from around the world, our scholarly articles, case studies, and pedagogical insights offer useful analytical frameworks, diagnostic tools, and prescriptive theory to address the world’s most challenging deals and disputes.”

The journal’s eclectic, multidisciplinary approach has earned a reputation over the last forty years as an invaluable international resource for educators, researchers, diplomats, lawyers, business leaders, labor negotiators, government officials, arbitrators, and mediators. Negotiation Journal is distinguished from other conflict resolution publications by its focus on teaching and pedagogy of negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution, including frameworks, evidence-based actionable prescriptions, and links to instruction materials. 

The shift to diamond open access means the journal’s quarterly issues will be freely available online, anywhere in the world, and that there will be no fees for scholars who wish to publish in the journal. This move comes at a critical time for the field, according to PON faculty chair Guhan Subramanian. 

Negotiation Journal has been an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the pedagogy, practice, and theory of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution for almost 40 years. The need for scholarly, pedagogical, and practitioner resources in these areas has never been greater,” explained Subramanian. “With a shift to Open Access, we are pleased to make this material available free of charge to both contributors and readers.”

The decision to move the journal to the MIT Press was informed by the Press’s long-standing commitment and experience with open access journal publishing, according to PON managing director Nicole Bryant.  

Negotiation Journal is delighted to partner with MIT Press in our transition to open access publishing. As we investigated the resources of both academic and commercial publishers, it became clear that the commitment of MIT Press to open access publishing is unmatched and its record of success is unparalleled. Our experience with the Press in the transition process has confirmed that we made the right choice,” said Bryant.

Nick Lindsay, director of open access and journals at the MIT Press, concurred, saying, “It is always a good day when we can open access to high-quality scholarship like this and the hard-working team at PON has been a joy to work with. We are extremely grateful for their trust in the MIT Press and our open access publishing program and look forward to expanding access and readership for the journal around the world.”

New open access issues of Negotiation Journal will commence at the MIT Press in 2024, including a special issue for winter 2025: “Why It Worked: Redefining ‘Success’ in Conflict Resolution in Peace Negotiations.” Learn more about the journal:

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