Network Neuroscience

Network Neuroscience

MIT Press Launches New Open Access Journal: Network Neuroscience

The MIT Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Network Neuroscience. This new open access journal will feature innovative scientific work that significantly advances our understanding of network organization and function in the brain across all scales, from molecules and neurons to circuits and systems.  The journal will be edited by Olaf Sporns, Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and co-Director of the Network Science Institute at Indiana University. He is also the author of Networks of the Brain and Discovering the Human Connectome.

Positioned in the intersection of brain and network sciences, Network Neuroscience will cover empirical and computational studies that record, analyze or model relational data among elements of neurobiological systems, including neuronal signaling and information flow in circuits, patterns of functional connectivity recorded with electrophysiological or imaging methodology, studies of anatomical connections among neurons and brain regions, and interactions among biomolecules or genes. Articles addressing developmental or evolutionary aspects, as well as clinical and translational applications of network neuroscience are welcome. 

The brain is an extraordinarily complex and interconnected system that is organized over multiple scales from the level of individual molecules and cells through to circuits and large-scale systems. Recent years have witnessed dramatic advances in our ability to map, analyze and model brain networks at each of these scales, yielding a new understanding of neural structure and function that is grounded in the theory of networks and complex systems. Network Neuroscience will be the first journal dedicated to this rapidly evolving field, covering work that applies theoretical concepts, tools and methods of network science to understand the structure and function of complex neurobiological systems. The journal will serve as a principal venue for scientific publication, discussion and exchange for a growing multidisciplinary community of researchers whose common goal is to chart, describe, model and predict the structure and dynamics of brain networks.

“MIT Press is delighted to be publishing with Olaf Sporns in the burgeoning field of network neuroscience,” says Journals Director, Nick Lindsay. “Being at the leading edge is a tremendous opportunity and we look forward to nurturing it over the coming years in the pages of Network Neuroscience.”

Network Neuroscience will publish primarily research articles, but also encourages articles reporting on new methods and data, as well as reviews and perspectives. Network Neuroscience is an open access publication, and all content will be freely available to readers across the globe. 

The inaugural issue of Network Neuroscience will appear in the first quarter of 2017. The journal will issue a Call for Papers and accept submissions in late summer of 2016. More information about Network Neuroscience can be found at