Director's Office

MIT Press Director: Amy Brand (More about Amy here)


Controller: Charles Hale (617-258-0577)


Editorial Director and Diversity Officer: Gita Manaktala (617-253-3172)

  • Art, Architecture, Visual & Cultural Studies: Search Underway
  • Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Bioethics: Philip Laughlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor (617-252-1636)
  • Communications: Justin Kehoe, Associate Acquisitions Editor/Departmental Administrator (617-253-3933)
  • Computer Science: Marie Lee, Executive Editor (617-253-1558)
  • Design and Visual Culture: Victoria Hindley, Acquisitions Editor (617-253-3842)
  • Education and Learning: Susan Buckley, Associate Acquisitions Editor (617-253-0763)
  • Economics, Finance, Business: Emily Taber, Acquisitions Editor (617-253-1585)
  • Environmental Studies, Urbanism, Food Studies: Beth Clevenger, Senior Acquisitions Editor (617-253-4113)
  • Information Science, Communication: Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director (617-253-3172)
  • Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Engineering Systems: Robert Prior, Executive Editor (617-253-1584)
  • Life Sciences, Neuropsychiatry, Global Health, Matthew Browne, Associate Acquisitions Editor
  • Linguistics, Semiotext(e), Zone Books, Boston Review Books: Marc Lowenthal, Acquisitions Editor (617-258-0579)
  • New Media, Game Studies, Digital Humanities, HCI: Doug Sery, Senior Acquisitions Editor (617-253-5187)
  • Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering: Jermey N. A. Matthews, Acquisitions Editor (617-715-2048)
  • Science, Technology & Society: Katie Helke, Acquisitions Editor (617-253-0974)
  • Textbook Strategy and Development Manager: Marianne Stepanian (617-324-6682)
  • Computer Science, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Bioethics: Stephanie Cohen, Assistant Acquisitions Editor (617-253-1653)
  • Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering, Art, Architecture: Gabriela Bueno Gibbs, Acquisitions Assistant (617-253-7297)
  • Economics, Finance, Business; Science, Technology & Society: Laura Keeler, Assistant Acquisitions Editor (617-253-3757)
  • Environmental Studies, Urbanism, Linguistics, Distributions: Anthony Zannino, Editorial Assistant (617-253-1693)
  • Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Engineering Systems: Anne-Marie Bono, Assistant Acquisitions Editor (617-253-8389)
  • New Media, Game Studies and Design, Education and Learning: Noah Springer, Acquisitions Assistant (617-253-1605)
  • Information Science, Communications, Design, Visual Culture: Jessica Lipton, Acquisitions Assistant (617-253-3324)

For information on submitting a book proposal, please consult our author services page.

Business Development

Director of Business Development: Bill Smith (617-253-0629)

  • Manager of International & Institutional Sales & Marketing: Jessica Lawrence-Hurt (617-258-0582)
  • Subsidiary Rights Manager: Pam Quick (617-253-0080)

Sales Department

Sales Manager: David Goldberg (617-253-8838)

Bookstore (Web Site)

Bookstore Manager: John Jenkins, Jr. (617-253-5249)

Data Services

Manager: Mary Frances Gydus (617-258-0618)

Digital Products and Software Services

Senior Manager for Digital Products: Gabe Harp (1-857-331-3067)

Editorial, Design, and Production (EDP)

Senior Manager EDP: Janet Rossi (617-253-2882)

Managing Editor: Michael Sims (617-253-2080)

Associate Managing Editor: Judy Feldmann (617-258-0601)

Associate Managing Editor: Deborah Cantor-Adams (617-253-7887)

Design Manager: Yasuyo Iguchi (617-253-8034)


Journals Division 

Director of Journals and Open Access: Nick Lindsay (617-258-0594)

  • Financial/Administrative Assistant: Jane Powers (617-258-0592)
  • Customer Service Manager: Abbie Hiscox (617-452-3765)
  • Administrative Assistant: Rose O'Connell (617-253-3431)
  • Customer Service Representative: John French Williamson (617-253-3332)
  • Fulfillment System Assistant: Christine Lyons (617-258-6863)
  • Journals Editorial & Production Manager: Rachel Besen (617-258-0585)
  • Senior Production Coordinator: Dan Bouchard 617-258-0588)
  • Senior Production Editor: Eric Witz (617-258-0586)
  • Sr. Journals Production Coordinator: Ann Olson (617-258-0596)
  • Journals Production Coordinator: Levi Rubeck (617-258-0587)
  • Coordinating Editor, Journal of Design and Science: Natalie Saltiel
  • PubPub Community Manager: Catherine Ahearn (617-715-5412)

Marketing & Publicity Department

Director of Marketing and Author Relations: Katie Hope (617-258-0603)

All staff in our London office may be reached at:

tel. +011 44 2073060603.

The mailing address for our UK office is:

The MIT Press, Suite 2,
1 Duchess Street,
London, W1W 6AN, UK


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