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The MIT Press listening room: December 2023 edition

Cannabis, space settlements, and the American dream: A compilation of podcast interviews with our authors

With winter rearing its ugly head, readers everywhere are on the hunt for their next book—or their next listen. Lucky for you, we’ve collected links to some wonderful podcast conversations with MIT Press authors from the year to keep you entertained and informed during your end-of-year travels and post-holiday deep cleans. Listen on below, and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about our books and journals.

Diana Chapman Walsh, author of The Claims of Life 
Featured on The Book Case with Charlie Gibson podcast discussing her career at Wellesley College

Lee McIntyre, author of On Disinformation 
Featured on Skeptic Check: Naomi Klein Big Picture Science, the Athletic’s Keith Law Show, and the PoliticsGirl podcast discussing his book 

Olaf Groth, author of The Great Remobilization 
Featured on the EverydayMBA podcast speaking on strategies for a smarter global future

Wendy H. Wong, author of We, the Data
Featured on IEEE Spectrum‘s Fixing the Future and the Artificiality podcast

Barbara Wixom, coauthor of Data Is Everybody’s Business 
Featured on The Data Chief and the DataVizToday podcasts talking about the book

Tahira Rehmatullah, coauthor of Waiting to Inhale
Featured on the Curious Mans podcast discussing the book and the cannabis movement 

Abby Smith Rumsey, author of Memory, Edited
Featured on LitHub’s Keen On podcast with Andrew Keen and The Gist with Mike Pesca

Jeff Fuhrer, author of The Myth that Made Us
Featured on LitHub’s Keen On podcast with Andrew Keen speaking about the American dream

W. Russell Neuman, author of Evolutionary Intelligence
Featured on LitHub’s Keen On podcast with Andrew Keen and the Futureproof podcast discussing the future of AI

Joshua Glenn, editor of the Radium Age series
Featured on the New Books in Literary Studies podcast from New Books Network discussing the series

Chris Impey, author of Worlds Without End 
Featured on Radio Astronomy, BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s podcast, discussing his book

Erik Davis, author of the introduction to The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson
Featured on Weird Studies speaking Hodgson and the book

Erika Nesvold, author of Off-Earth
Featured on the New Scientist’s Weekly podcast; the Celestial Citizen podcast; the Planetary Society’s Planetary Radio podcast; Eclectic Spacewalk’s Conversations podcast; and NyTeknik’s Intergalaktiskt podcast

Chad Randl, coeditor of Playing Place
Featured on the New Books in Game Studies podcast from the New Books Network speaking about games

Orit Halpern, coauthor of The Smartness Mandate
Featured on the Bridging the Gaps podcast discussing his book

Mark Blacklock, editor of Selected Nonfiction, 1962–2007 by J.G. Ballard 
Featured on the Hermitix podcast speaking about J.G. Ballard’s work 

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