University Press Week: #TBT (Throwback Thursday) Roundup

The blog tour rolls on today with thirteen University Presses throwing back to memorable moments in their past.

Project MUSE celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and features highlights from 20 years of content.

University of Minnesota Press shares an infographic commemorating its 90th birthday.

University of Chicago Press throws back to awards, digital techonology, and the future, written as a letter from the past, the year the PDF was founded in 1991.

University of Manitoba Press looks back at its books, catalogs, and book launch photos from the 48 years it has been publishing.

University of Washington Press kicks off its centennial, featuring moments and photos from 100 years of its history.

Duke University Press throws back to all of its surprising journal covers.

University of Texas Press reflects back on the street style of 1970s Pennsylvania through the lens of seminal street photographer Mark Cohen.

University of Michigan Press describes the evolution of Michigan Trees through the more than 100 years the publication has been maintained and edited.

University Press of Kansas throws back to its memorable books.

Minnesota Historical Society Press features Mike Evangelist’s “Downtown: Minneapolis in the 1970s,” which captures a memorable time and place in the past, and his photos generated great interest on social media by those reflecting on the many long-lost places and styles featured. 

University of California Press examines Mark Twain, Vol. 1 publication in 2010, a media cause célèbre.

University of Toronto Press Journals highlights various cover designs over the years.

Fordham University Press takes a trip through New York City’s unbuilt subway system.