coloring challenge

Win a Copy of Beautiful Symmetry: A Coloring Book about Math

Competition time! To mark the publication of Beautiful Symmetry this week we’re giving away 3 copies of the book. To enter all you have to do is complete the challenge below.


Can you see the rotations in this pattern? The entire pattern can be rotated by 180° so that each piece of the design will land on an identical piece, leaving the entire pattern visually unchanged!

There are multiple points of rotation like this. *Your challenge*: Color the pattern in a way that maintains all of them. But use as many colors as possible!

Right click the image to save, then print it out and color it in.  Post your colored solution on Instagram or Twitter and tag @MITPress for your chance to win! (deadline 31st March. Entries will be judged by the author Alex Berke @BeautifulSymmetry)

Need some hints? 

Below are a few of these rotation points. Imagine turning the entire pattern around one of these points by 180°! 

To better understand the ideas in this challenge, you can flip through the digital pages of the book here.

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