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Solutions to the world’s challenges have the most impact when they are effectively communicated and widely understood. We can change the world by enlightening minds – spreading knowledge in the form of new discoveries and bold ideas. However, as media channels proliferate, the difference between unfiltered content and curated knowledge is starker than ever, as is the urgent need for trustworthy stewardship in a growing sea of unreliable information.

University presses play an invaluable but under-celebrated role within the modern media landscape. We look beyond transitory market forces to publish works that elevate knowledge to inform and empower. Established in 1962, the MIT Press stands out among peers as the most boldly innovative university press in operation today. We provide a unique lens on the interplay among science, design, technology, and culture in order to accelerate problem solving, social progress, and human understanding.

The MIT Press strives to bring world-changing knowledge to minds, hands, and hearts around the globe where it has the greatest potential for social impact. We feel a moral imperative to counter the damaging tide of misinformation, and to mobilize knowledge to create fairer, freer, more open societies. To ensure we continue to push the boundaries of publishing for the public good for decades to come, we are launching the MIT Press Fund for the Future. 

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