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February 12, 2014

A Lunch BIT from Solar Revolution by Travis Bradford

In November of 2006, Bill McKibben wrote in the New York Review of Books about Travis Bradford and his book Solar Revolution:

MIT Press has just issued his first book, Solar Revolution, which argues at great length and in great detail that we will soon be turning to solar panels for our power, in part for environmental reasons but more because they will soon be producing power that’s as cheap—and much easier to deploy—than any other source. This is a fairly astounding claim—the conventional wisdom among environmentalists is that solar energy lags behind wind power by a decade or more as a cost-effective source of electricity—but he makes the case in convincing fashion.

What appeared to be an astounding claim to Bill McKibben, seems to be a moment of prescience from Bradford. Since then, energy produced by solar has increased, while costs of production has decreased, and is projected to fall more.

 In Solar Energy: A BIT of Solar Revolution, Braford details how public policy and private companies can expand solar energy. 

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