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Paperback | $85.00 Short | £58.95 | ISBN: 9780262720229 | 772 pp. | 7 x 10 in | July 1994

Logic Programming

The 11th International Conference


ICLP, which is sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming, is one of two major annual international conferences reporting recent research results in logic programming. Logic programming originates from the discovery that a subset of predicate logic could be given a procedural interpretation, which was first embodied in the programming language Prolog. The unique features of logic programming make it appealing for numerous applications in artificial intelligence, computer-aided design and verification, databases, and operations research, and for exploring parallel and concurrent computing. The last two decades have witnessed substantial developments in this field from its foundation to implementation, applications, and the exploration of new language designs.

Topics covered:

- Applications
- Architecture
- Artificial Intelligence
- Concurrency
- Constraints
- Databases
- Environments
- Higher-Order Programming
- Implementation
- Language Design
- Natural Language
- Parallelism
- Programming Methodology
- Proof Theory
- Semantics and Foundations
- Static Analysis
- Theorem Proving
- Types

About the Editor

Pascal Van Hentenryck is Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Brown University. He is the author or editor of several MIT Press books.