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MIT Open Publishing Services (MITops) is a scholar-focused, MIT-branded hosting and publishing services operation. In collaboration with our esteemed partner, Knowledge Futures, we proudly present a suite of premier publishing services tailored for mission-driven partners.

Our vision goes beyond just hosting and publishing. We see a future where the true potential of institutionally governed infrastructure is unlocked by pairing innovative publishing technologies with economic incentives. This approach not only empowers academia but also paves the way to reclaiming the scholarly communication marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about MITops, please contact Nick Lindsay, director of journals and open access, at nlindsay (at)

"This isn’t just a change in how we publish — it’s a revolution. As we lessen the academy's reliance on large global information service providers, we ensure that our services resonate with the genuine needs of researchers, authors, and readers. Being in alignment with the institutions we serve means we can truly meet the community 'where they are.'"
—Amy Brand, director and publisher, The MIT Press

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