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MITops team

Terry Ehling
Acting Program Director
The MIT Press

Nick Lindsay
Director of Journals and Open Access
The MIT Press

Dawit Tegbaru
Editorial Manager
Knowledge Futures

Catherine Ahearn
Head of Content
Knowledge Futures

KFG logo is modern looking, black and white. An arrow pointed to the right, conveys movement forward.

Knowledge Futures

In 2018, the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab launched Knowledge Futures to build sustainable open source tools and technologies for libraries, publishers, museums, activist organizations, researchers, and others whose work serves collective understanding and the public. Now an independent nonprofit organization, Knowledge Futures builds and supports products and protocols to make knowledge open and accessible to all.



PubPub, an open authoring and publishing platform developed by Knowledge Futures, socializes the process of knowledge creation by integrating conversation, annotation, and versioning into short- and long-form digital publication. The MIT Press regularly collaborates with PubPub on our own open access journals, like the Harvard Data Science Review and Rapid Reviews\Infectious Diseases, and books, like Frankenbook and Data Feminism. This is why we have selected PubPub as our trusted partner and hosting platform for MITops projects.

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