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Our inaugural project, launched in February 2022, is the SERC Case Studies Series from MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing. Since then, we have continued to expand our partnerships within and beyond MIT through upcoming projects like the digital and print distribution of a CSAIL anniversary report, the MIT Emerging Technology Case Studies, and a collection of papers from the MIT community on generative AI.

Case Studies in Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing

Our inaugural project, launched in February 2022, is the SERC Case Studies Series from MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing. This set of cases places readers in various settings that challenge them to consider the social and ethical implications of computing technologies, such as how social media services and surveillance tools are built; the racial disparities that can arise from deploying facial recognition technology in unregulated, real-world settings; the biases of risk prediction algorithms in the criminal justice system; and the politicization of data collection.

Computing the Future: A Decade of Innovation at MIT CSAIL

As part of the celebration of CSAIL's 10th anniversary, lab director Daniela Rus and MIT science writer Adam Conner-Simons led readers on a journey to examine the multifaceted set of computing disciplines that the lab has impacted over the past decade, from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to computer vision and robotics, to quantum computing and virtual reality. Computing the Future is available in open access and as a print book, exclusively for sale at the MIT Press Bookstore.

An MIT Exploration of Generative AI: From Novel Chemicals to Opera

In July 2023, MIT President Sally Kornbluth and Provost Cynthia Barnhart issued a call for papers to “articulate effective roadmaps, policy recommendations, and calls for action across the broad domain of generative AI.” Twenty-seven proposals have been selected to receive exploratory funding. Coauthored by interdisciplinary teams of faculty and researchers affiliated with all five of the Institute’s schools and the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, the proposals represent a sweeping array of perspectives for exploring the transformative potential of generative AI, in both positive and negative directions for society. We are proud the Institute has selected MITops as their publishing partner for this important project.

MIT Emerging Technology Case Studies

MIT Emerging Technology Case Studies explore how new technologies are having an impact on workers, firms, and communities. Forthcoming 2024.

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